I love graphic design

Amazing! I just learned that my cat, Elwood, played center field for the Tigers back in 2007. Here he is robbing Alex Rodriguez of a game-winning home run in a 2-1 win over the Yankees.

Here, my cat Elwood robs Alex Rodriguez of a game-winning home run.



Idea: What if movie icon Clint Eastwood delivered a commencement address to the Class of 2015? The result: .44 Magnum Cum Laude. Click the image to read “his” advice to graduates about the good, the bad and the ugly.



I created this to anchor the home page of the Humor Gazette, my primary personal website from 2003-2014. Click to visit the site.



OK, I admit it … I love puns. I’ve even been known to brainstorm a whole bunch of them on a single topic and present them in a conceptual visual piece.



Once in a while, I accidentally think of a play on words that seems clever enough to fashion into a visual piece. Here I refitted the original cover of the 1960s self-help best-seller “I’m OK, You’re OK” in an homage to one of my heroes, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


50 Cent cologne

Wordplay. Whether weaving it into stories, crafting clever headlines here in Portsmouth and at the Boston Herald or using it to create imaginary ads … it inspires me and enriches my daily existence.



For me, politics inspires satire. So when Rep. Paul Ryan proposed replacing Medicare with a “voucher” program, I amplified his message by creating this package of health-care coupons.



A childhood fascination with superheroes occasionally inspires a comic twist. Click on the image above to see Batman and Robin (Williams), and Speed Racer.



The 2011 Japan nuclear disaster at Fukushima somehow triggered an artistic “Godzilla phase” that continues to this day. Click the image to see the taciturn annihilator visiting Fenway Park, solving the energy crisis and more.



Looks like my cat Elwood snuck in here again. He likes graphic design too.

Click here to see more of my graphic design work.
— John Breneman