Graphic design

I enjoy creating images that combine graphic design and Photoshop skill while showcasing an engaging verbal style. Here is a small selection of some of my graphic design work.


I created this logo for the “Portsmouth” category on my personal website. Click on it to see some of the Sunday columns I wrote for the Portsmouth Herald.



The Rolling Stone are soooo old … they’ve updated some of their best-loved songs to reflect their advanced age, in this humor item I created in Photoshop.



This is a social media nugget I created for G.Willikers! — the downtown Portsmouth, N.H., children’s store founded by my family in 1978.



A feline twist on New Year’s resolutions — courtesy of my cat, Elwood.



I created this item, shortly after his tragic death in 2014, as an offbeat homage to Robin Williams.



This item, which I created in Photoshop, has over 23,000 page views, according to Google Analytics.



This item satirizing efforts to speed up the pace of Major League Baseball games (the joke: baseball is so boring doctors could prescribe it to treat insomnia) spun out of a recent chat with a fellow baseball lover about how we hardly ever watch the game on TV anymore.



During the Winter Olympics at Sochi, I noticed the headgear worn by bobsledders and snowboarders reminded me of Grammy winners Daft Punk. My work was discovered by the Moscow Times on Twitter and featured in a post titled “Sochi Social: 7 Times Photoshop Made the Olympics Better.”


— John Breneman (Click here for RESUME)

See more graphic design work HERE

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