Thank you for your time and consideration

John Breneman will contact you by telephone within 2-3 business days to follow up on his application and to request an in-person interview for the position of Inbound Content Writer.

Meanwhile, here are some additional resources and information you may find interesting.


This "Greetings from Portsmouth" graphic links to several favorite Sunday columns I wrote for the Portsmouth Herald, including “Pullet surprise scoop on Port City chicken coop,” “My favorite spaceman” and “Ode to Portsmouth: Paradise by the Piscataqua.”


My experience conceiving, scripting, shooting and editing video includes one piece that has amassed over 400,000 views. Another (a shaky iPhone selfie titled “Global Ecomony Blues”) is a rhythmic, rhyme-soaked riff that highlights my passion for wordplay. Above is a birthday message to my nephew (in the persona of a TV news anchorman) that I hope demonstrates a flair for visual, written and personal creativity.


I enjoy creating images that combine graphic design and Photoshop skill while showcasing an engaging verbal style. The Batman & Robin image above (inspired by the legendary comic’s tragic death) links to a small selection of my graphic design work. And, click here to see my cat rob Alex Rodriguez of a game-winning home run.

Below is a recommendation/testimonial from my former supervisor at The Portsmouth Herald/Seacoast Media Group:

John was the lead designer for Seacoast Sunday and made our front pages pop on the newsstand each week. John is also a master wordsmith and was by far our best headline writer. He is also a master of Photoshop and InDesign (and) his analytical reasoning skills are off the charts. In addition to his technical skills, John brings a high level of creative energy, humor and great interpersonal skills to the job. Tragically, his position was eliminated when the copy desk and page design function was moved by our company to a centralized operation in Austin, Texas. In short, I would re-hire him in a second if I had the opportunity and I recommend him to you wholeheartedly.

Howard Altschiller
Executive editor of Seacoast Media Group (603-570-2202)

Contact John Breneman at 603-380-2629 or