Jan. 20: George Burns

George Burns (1896-1996): comedian and noted supreme being, portrayed a ruthless and omnipotent mafia boss in “Oh, Godfather.”

Here he is singing “Satisfaction.”

Other Jan. 20 birthdays:

Federico Fellini (1920-1993): movie director, best known for his 1959 classic “La Dolce Vita” (translation: “Let’s Get It On”).

Edwin “Buzz Lightyear” Aldrin, 85: former astronaut, noted action figure.

Bill Maher, 59: comedian, former host of the TV talk show “Anatomically Incorrect.”

Other Jan. 20 milestones:

On this day in 1936, Britain’s King George V died. He was succeeded briefly by King Kong VI, who soon abdicated to become a big Hollywood movie star.

On this day in 1996, the space shuttle Endeavour returned to Earth after a 9-day mission that included replacing the battery in a Japanese satellite and darning a few holes in the ozone layer.

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