Inbound Content Writer

As a dynamic digital agency focused on creating custom solutions for clients ranging from international brands to local organizations and innovative startups, you may be seeking a motivated, highly skilled Inbound Content Writer who fits this general description:

A smart, gifted wordsmith and blogger whose posts have amassed more than a quarter-million page views, and who possesses the versatility to produce sharp, compelling copy on virtually any topic.

A Hubspot-certified communications professional who is well-versed in the ABCs of SEO and passionate about infusing inbound marketing methodologies with fresh creativity.

A journalist who has interviewed influence shapers and everyday people from all walks of life and written thousands of newspaper articles, columns and editorials on nearly every subject imaginable.

Your ideal Inbound Content Writer candidate might also be:

  • A former Sunday newspaper editor whose experience creating and managing editorial calendars translates well to the job of planning and executing inbound marketing content and strategies.
  • A multi-talented creative artist whose ability to brainstorm and bring ideas to life is enhanced by proficiency in key Adobe Creative Suite programs, experience in web design, content management systems, social media and video production.
  • A focused, results-oriented people person whose polite, friendly demeanor and advanced listening skills also make him ideally suited to serve as a point of contact for clients.

Now, what if the Inbound Content Writer described above lived right down the street from your expansive loft studio, was well-respected and connected to your community, fascinated by your company and your work, and eager to speak with you about the possibility of joining your team?