Greetings from John Breneman

Hi, I’m John. A longtime journalist, I am determined to leverage my deep experience in the newspaper world as a top-notch writer, editor, visual designer, content strategist and webmaster to carve out a creative role with a local digital agency.

My work in newspapers equips me with the versatility to produce sharp, compelling copy on virtually any topic. And, newly certified as a Hubspot inbound marketing specialist, I am eager to talk to you about how I can add value to your team as an Inbound Content Writer.

My personal website ( / showcases some of my writing, visual design work and humor.

On this bio page, I explain my passion for writing and how my work as a journalist positions me to excel as a marketing professional, while offering a selection of writing samples and a link to my resume.

This page features a narrative synopsis of my newspaper career with links to a range of additional writing samples.

I truly hope my efforts to use inbound marketing practices to pitch myself as an outstanding candidate for your Inbound Content Writer opening have been helpful and persuasive. Please click the button below for one final message.