Feb. 4: Charles Lindbergh


bd-LindberghCharles Lindbergh (1902-1974): legendary aviator, in 1927 became first pilot to fly solo over the Atlantic and boy were his arms tired.

Other Feb. 4 birthdays:

Betty Friedan (1921-2006): author and founder of NOW (National Orgasm for Women).

Dan Quayle, 68: former dunce vice president, finished 12th in the Western Indiana Class 4 debating championship (Lightweight Division) in 1968.

Alice Cooper, 67: rock star, hit the charts in 1971 with “I’m Eighteen,” did not hit the charts in 201 with “I’m 67.”

This Day in Revisionist History:

On this day in 1789, George Washington became the nation’s first president after earning four A’s and one B from the electoral college.

On this day in 1974, newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst and several rare felines were kidnapped by the Siamese Cat Liberation Army.

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