Feb. 14: Jack Benny


bd-benny-jack2Jack Benny (1894-1974): comedian and violinist; just before his death hit No. 1 with Elton John, playing violin on “Benny and the Jets.”

Other Feb. 14 birthdays

Carl Bernstein, 71: journalist, exposed all of President Nixon’s lies as co-author of “All the President’s Mendacity.”

Meg Tilly, 55: actress, played a young nun smitten with a movie monster in “Agnes of Godzilla.”

This Day in Revisionist History

On this day in 1849, James Polk became the first president to be photographed in office. Polk lost his re-election bid though, having frightened voters with his beaming red eyes.

On this day in 1859, Oregon became the nation’s 33rd state, but was put on a six-month probation filled with merciless hazing from some of the older states.

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