Feb. 10: Lon Chaney Jr.


bd-chaney-lonLon Chaney Jr. (1906-1973): actor, starring role in “The Wolf Man” led to career playing horror-movie monsters that culminated with “The Ghost of Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man’s Mummy at Dracula’s Zombie Castle.”

(This 1945 “House of Dracula” trailer shows Chaney as the Wolf Man.)

Today’s Birthdays:

Boris Pasternak (1890-1960): Russian author, best known for his classic novel “Dr. Zhivago and Mr. Hyde.”

Robert Wagner, 85: actor, played part of a TV husband-wife detective team in “Hart to Hart” and a handsome resuscitation survivor in “Mouth to Mouth.”

Roberta Flack, 76: singer, hit No. 1 in 1973 with “Killing Me Softly With a Blunt Instrument.”

This Day in Revisionist History:

On this day in 1949, opening on Broadway was Arthur Miller’s new play “Death of a Used Car Salesman.”

On this day in 1962, Russia traded Francis Gary Powers, a captured American U-2 pilot, for 12 cases of Smirnoff and a Soviet dissident to be named later.

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