Feb. 1: Clark Gable


bd-clark-gableClark Gable (1901-1960): actor, best known for his role as a dashing tracheotomy survivor in “Gone With the Windpipe.”

Other Feb. 1 birthdays:

Sherman Hemsley, 77: actor, starred as the wise-cracking illegitimate great, great grandson of Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings in “The Jeffersons.”

Lisa Marie Presley, 47: divorced Michael Jackson because he wanted her to father a set of androgynous albino quintuplets.

This Day in Revisionist History:

On this day in 1861, Texas voted to secede from the Union after them damn Yankees suggested there might be something wrong with owning human beings.

On this day in 1960, four black college students staged a “sit-in” at a Woolworth’s lunch counter in North Carolina, where they’d been denied the right to consume rancid egg salad on rye.


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