Single Man’s Housecleaning Playbook

“The Single Man’s Housecleaning Playbook”
By Sidney Showalter

book Single Mans HouseAfter his cleaning lady left due to a broken arm, one football-loving bachelor was left to tackle … housework.

Though the book offers little insight into how the cleaning lady broke her arm, the author diligently compiles an informative reference book on how to “pick up” where she left off, before her apparently career-ending arm injury.

Combining “funny anecdotes” with “comprehensive charts outlining housecleaning in football terms,” but little information about the ex-cleaning lady’s medical condition or how the mangled arm affects her future earning potential, this bachelor’s guide promises “a detailed, yet down-to-earth, approach to making a home shine.”

“Cleaning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” – Vince Lombardi

2 Responses to “Single Man’s Housecleaning Playbook”

  1. I liked your comment from Vince Lombardi. He knew how to clean up a football field!

  2. Check out the second and third paragraphs about the information on how she broke her arm. It is a repeat. I do not know how she broke her arm. Maybe she was tired and wanted to retire.


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