Olden Days

“Olden Days”
By Anonymous Mann

book olden daysA heartwarming look back at those golden, olden days of yore, this generic anthology is jammed with fuzzy nostalgia about how things were like 15.7 percent less sucky during the halcyon days of some hazy, reimagined bygone era.

Minimalist text snuggled against a backdrop of wistful, white-washed visual reminiscences – fuzzy-framed monochromatic memories of America in a time before citizens were forced to breathe the rancid stench of unlimited money rotting their nation’s political soul from within, back before social media mobile apps replaced 68.2 percent of unnecessary human contact.

“Olden Days” harkens back to a simpler time, before the Supreme Court granted “human” status to corporations, before it was prophesied that a corporation named Maximus Prophet LLC would be appointed to the Supreme Court by future President Rex W. Bush.

You know, back in those good old days, before everybody was constantly whining about the economy and haters and racism and autism and poverty and income inequality and the nation’s sly transition from democracy to oligarchy.

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“I laughed until my 401(k) lost 40 percent of its value!” – Arturo DeMaunchie

“The haters are really gonna hate this one.” – Rachmaninoff Aspercreme III

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