Lord Forgive Me

“Lord Forgive Me… but I was a (Business) Bullshit Consultant”
By Anthony Bunko

Finally, a book bold enough to open with the protagonist picturing his own future death just after “three hours of experimental Viagra-free lovin’ with one of my 19-year-old girlfriends and her twin sister.”

book Lord forgive meIn this “hilarious yet poignant” memoir, author Bunko debunks the myth that the life of a business consultant is not immersed in a seamy underbelly of “gun chases, hookers, midgets” and more. “Everything in this book is based on true events,” according to the book’s inside jacket.

This book bills itself as a real bean-spiller, as in: “Anthony Bunko spills the beans” on how his “dream job” turned into “a scary rollercoaster ride full of fist-fights, muggings, kidnapping, gun chases, ghosts, psychopaths, midgets, hookers, back-stabbing, bullshit, weird sex, strong drugs and the odd plate of sausage rolls.”

*   *   *

“The naked Ken doll with the halo really made me squint at the other tiny items scattered about on the cover.” – Arturo DiMaunchie


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