Finishing School for Women

“Finishing School for Women”

By Roman Plastich

“Men’s number one need is sex. “Women have to accept it,” says Roman Plastich, author of “Finishing School for Women.”

book Finishing SchoolSex, you say?

This breakthrough revelation threatens to upend all previous conventional wisdom on the relationship between the sexes, including the long-held theory that men’s number one need is cuddling and talking about the future amid the soft glow of scented candles.

Author Plastich – whose last name evokes a delightful conflation of “plastic” and “pastiche” – also contends there are “no right answers.” This is huge, because, if there were, studies have shown that 92 percent of men would get them wrong 93 percent of the time.

“Finishing School for Women” is described as “a tongue-in-cheek book worth sharing with those special women in your life.” The blurb does not specify which cheek, but I’m definitely thinking facial.

The cover features a sexy silhouette of a woman in a short skirt grabbing a guy by the tie (sharp-eyed readers may discern some possible symbolism pulsating from the tie).

Like most books whose primary focus is about sex, I give it an enthusiastic 5 phallic symbols.

“This book revolutionizes the time-honored concept of grabbing a dude by the tie and then developing a meaningful relationship with him by following the instructions in a how-to book.” – Arturo DiMaunchie

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  1. LS says:

    This book truly depicts the way men think and it answers all the questions women have of why men do the things they do….I highly recommend it!

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