Double Lover

“Double Lover”

As a book lover and a lover of writing with a soft spot for hermaphrodite coming-of-age stories, blurting out a blurb about “Double Lover” was a triple pleasure for me.

book double loverRippling with ribaldry, it’s a new twist on a classic theme: Sensitive girl becomes Harvard man, impregnates self by accident, leading to hijinks involving “Ice Age skeletons in scandalous positions.”

A sucker for neo-Ice Age, double-sex romance, you had me at “skeletons.”

The writer, who adds intrigue with the pen name “Anonymous,” provides clues on the cover (author of “Hermaphrodeity”) and inside (second edition of “Hermaphrodeity,” Alfred A. Knopf) so curious readers can sleuth out his and/or her identity. (No spoilers here!)

*   *   *

“Reading this book changed the way I think about erotically charged tales in which the protagonist possesses reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes.” – Arturo DiMaunchie

“Double Lover” at Goodreads

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