Introducing Mr. Billy Buck Teefus

The American redneck savant

Funny story. At a family birthday party some years back, one of the party favors was a gag redneck denture set. (I come from a playful family that owns a children's store in Portsmouth, N.H., stocked with costumes, games and things to spark the imagination).

Anyway, I literally popped that thing into my mouth and introduced myself to my family as "Mr. Billy Buck Teefus, American redneck savant" in a voice and personality distinct from my own. I was almost as surprised as they were. To date, Mr. Teefus has starred in 10 YouTube videos.

He's talked about tasers, Thanksgiving and O.J. Simpson; pitched a Christmas album, reviewed a book by Sarah Palin and reported on Fox News' coverage of President Obama. He even filmed this commercial for Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream Ice Cream.