Baby’s 1st pitbull


Can’t figure out what to get for the birthday baby who has everything? Just imagine the joy on Baby’s tiny face when he lays his baby blues on … Baby’s First Pitbull.

What better fuzzy companion could there be — for the modern toddler on the go — than a vicious domesticated killing machine with a skull-crushing jaw and razor-sharp fangs?

With his hair-trigger temper, Baby’s First Pitbull enhances Baby’s street reputation as an infant not to messed with. Plus, Baby’s cuddly, bloodthirsty new pal will help keep him or her safe from external threats.*

* Chance of death by mauling just 14 percent.

— John Breneman

2 Responses to “Baby’s 1st pitbull”

  1. JT says:

    Not sure which is scarier…

  2. Erin isgar says:

    I realize this is really old, so hopefully, this person has become educated since then and not as ignorant. It amazes me that there are still people that, honestly believe this is the way these sweet dogs are. After all, they were named, originally, ‘Nanny Dogs’ because of the way they cared for the children and were so gentle. Mine would nap with my newborns and later make sure they didn’t roll off the bed. They made sure they were safe at all times. There are dogs of all breeds that have been abused and tortured by humans and been taught to fight and kill. All breeds. Just like there are bad people. Anyone that believes all Pit Bulls are vicious and aggressive need to research these dogs before they post these things. Don’t just be a follower of the ignorance of some people. All dogs are awesome, but, Pit Bulls are, simply the best!

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